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Thank You!

FREE for your Website, PC and Projects!



Here I list some of the people without whose support the Gallery would not have happened. If I've missed out anyone, I apologise.

First and foremost the contributors, of course. I initially had the idea to put up some of Adam Hart-Davis' (AJHD) slides that were not quite good enough for commercial sale but excellent for Web use. He said I could scan a few hundred that he would otherwise throw away. Those images, and many since, were the genesis of the Gallery and have proven very popular.

Of course, while I was waiting for Adam's slides to get scanned, I saw a bargain in a photography shop window and got hooked myself to the tune of many thousands of (much less good than Adam's) photos in the Gallery.

Many other friends have been incredibly generous and let me put up their images and other multimedia files too; what a wonderfully kind lot you are out there!

Some people have helped me with elements of the code, and some bits are derived from open-source such as Apache code.

I can't possibly cover all the items purloined/borrowed, but a few are listed here. Also the code may contain references to sources.

Thanks to Apache for the example compression filter code (and a first-rate development and deployment platform).

Thanks to Benoît Marchal for example code to handle multipart/form-data HTTP POST data.

Thanks to Muhammad Arif Raza for his help with various parts of the code, including i18n support.

The Gallery uses DNS code from dnsjava.org; thanks!

The Gallery uses EXIF-extraction code from Drew Noakes; thanks!

A big thank you to ej-Technologies for donating me a free licence 2003/09/10 for their JProfilertm product with which I tune and debug the Gallery. Remaining bugs are my fault of course!

And of course where would I be without testing tools such as jUnit, Clover, HttpUnit, etc?

I wish particularly to thank Bruno Girin (BG) for being an enthusiastic and steadfast contributor of pictures, i18n French-language support and bonhomie thoughout the duration of this project.

Damon Hart-Davis
Kingston-upon-Thames, UK


Several people have helped with translations to support internationalisation (i18n!) in the Gallery; thank you all.

Some people have done huge chunks of transation work for free; in particular much of the French and Spanish support was done by Bruno Girin (BG), the German support by Burkhard Kloss (BGK), and the Dutch support by Guy Asaert and Jeroen Kerkhof. Look in the i18n files for more credits.

Code Examples, Snippets and Resources

You might wish to look at the resources page to get the source code, javadoc, etc. Basically everything is under a BSD-style licence.

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