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DHD Multimedia Gallery

Terms and Conditions

FREE for your Website, PC and Projects!


Executive Summary

  1. If you use our stuff, please link to us to help other people find us.
  2. If you make money from using our stuff, share it with us!
  3. Don't sell or steal our stuff, or be nasty to us.
  4. Don't use our stuff to deceive or mislead others.
  5. Thanks very much to our contributors!
  6. Please read our privacy policy.

The Small Print

The creators of the exhibits can be identified by the capitalised initials between the last dash ('-') and the following dot ('.'), eg in: example-picture-2-DHD.jpg the photographer is DHD, ie Damon Hart-Davis.

Gallery contributors/authors/photographers:

For full-quality copies of more of Adam Hart-Davis' photos (not free!), please contact the Science Photo Library in London by email or 'phone +44 (0) 20 7432 1100.

To see who has contributed what, see the collections organised by author.

Thanks are also due to the many people who have contributed in other ways to the Gallery such as through donations and to the code, translations, etc.

The creators of these Gallery images, sounds and other multimedia items retain copyright, but grant you the following non-exclusive rights to use them for any reasonable commercial or non-commercial purpose, providing:

  • You do not pass this work off as your own or redistribute or resell it.
  • You do not systematically download or copy any significant fraction of the Gallery without my express advance permission (for reasons of bandwidth and enforcing the previous condition).
  • You may not use these works to deceive third parties such as Web surfers, eg by luring people into an otherwise content-free Web site to force or encourage them to leave via an advertisement, as this both deceives and waylays the visitor and steals money from an advertiser with a poorly-qualified lead/clickthrough.
  • You acknowledge the author, including in derivative works, if possible with a caption of the form:
    Author Name/DHD Multimedia Gallery
    You might improve this with a link to the lobby of the Gallery at http://gallery.hd.org/ (without a rel="nofollow" attribute if possible), which is the "official" top/entrance URL for the Gallery. (Note that other pages may be renamed or renumbered at any time, so linking to them is unreliable.)
  • You bear any liability arising from use of the Gallery exhibits.
  • You do not use the material in the Gallery to harm or attempt to harm or embarrass the author(s), Gallery or associated people or organisations.
  • You make an effort to contribute similar material of your own creation to the Web under similar terms, if and when you can.

Only the catalogued multimedia files listed in the body of each page by name are available under these terms. All rights are reserved on all other content of the pages. As an exception to this, items marked as contributed by "ANON" and that mention that they are from a PD (public-domain) distribution, may be freely redistributed (eg some of the sound clips) as that is how they were obtained.

We would be very grateful if you would consider a donation towards our running costs if you use one of our exhibits!

There are some other resources available that you may wish to use.

Thank you for taking the time to read and understand these conditions.

And thanks once again to our contributors for making this whole gallery possible in the first place!


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