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Textures and Surfaces

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In Dieser Rubrik

Textures, surfaces, and 'dinner-jazz' materiel of various sorts.

Some of the images are small samples of pictures from the Web.

Note that this also contains some exhibits that did not have a natural home elsewhere, at least when first acquired, so this is also a misc/miscellaneous category by stealth.

acrylic ... writing


directory acrylic ... (2)

directory alexa ... (2)

directory ambient ... (3)

ThumbnailName des Austellungsstuecks
Thumbnailashtray and pint of cold beer under bright flash on bar 1 DHD.jpg (Textures and Surfaces)
Thumbnailauction text 1 DHD.jpg (Textures and Surfaces)

directory back ... (2)

directory barcode ... (2)

ThumbnailName des Austellungsstuecks
Thumbnail[has location information] beach stony St Ives Cornwall England MY.jpg (Textures and Surfaces)

directory beachscape ... (4)

ThumbnailName des Austellungsstuecks
Thumbnail[has location information] betting tickets from Epsom Derby June2001 Epsom England 1 DHD.jpg (Textures and Surfaces)

Horse betting slips. Think I just about broke even that day!


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