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Facets of mechanical devices and automation; machines of all sorts (though mainly man-made) including robots and computers.

You might like to visit 2001: A Space Odyssey (A Shrine), which includes tiny excerpts of HAL's famous utterances...

2000mu ... wiring cabinet and video cables at train station mono 1 DHD.jpg

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[16kB]404 HTTP Web server error from Apache Tomcat JSP application due to failing host machine 1 ANON.gif (Mechanoids)

In this case from random.hd.org!

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[3MB]airconditioning aircon unit domestic portable at top of stairs by child gate UK 3 pin plug and cord draped over front 1 DHD.jpg (Mechanoids)

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  • antennae = antennas, antenna, aerials, radio receiver/transmitter/transceiver

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[2MB]appliance tap hose screw fitting on copper pipe stub for washing machine or dishwasher in the UK against nasty green wallpaper 1 DHD.jpg (Mechanoids)

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