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In Dieser Rubrik

This is the home for images which have yet to be filed elsewhere, sometimes because they have just been loaded and we have yet to decide how they should be sorted and categorised. They may not be good enough to stay in the Gallery, and get thrown away... This section may be empty, or overflowing... The names are often cryptic and the exhibits obscure...

Thus you may want to avoid this like the plague, or visit it frequently!

Some of the exhibits in this category are items that I cannot identify to label properly to file permanently. If you have any ideas about these 'unidentified' images, please mail me.

(Unlike the other collections, the exhibits (etc) in this may change quite frequently, so press your browser's REFRESH or RELOAD button if you can't seem to fetch an image or something is inconsistent; items may have come and gone, and your cache(s) may contain a cock-eyed selection.)

wood fire 32x32 icon AJHD.gif ... wood fire bg AJHD.jpg


ThumbnailName des Austellungsstuecks
Thumbnailwood fire 32x32 icon AJHD.gif (Hot-off-the-Spool)
[15kB]wood fire bg AJHD.jpg (Hot-off-the-Spool)

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