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Cactus Flowers

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In Dieser Rubrik

These are images of a favourite Mammillaria that flowered one hot summer circa 1986.

Also see the Flowers collection.

cactus flowers adj DHD.jpg ... cactus single flower 3 DHD.gif

ThumbnailName des Austellungsstuecks
Thumbnailcactus flowers adj DHD.jpg (Cactus Flowers)

After tweaking of the colourmap and shrinking:

Thumbnailcactus flowers as scanned DHD.jpg (Cactus Flowers)

The scanned original:

Thumbnailcactus flowers bg DHD.jpg (Cactus Flowers)

The backdrop:

Thumbnailcactus single flower 1 DHD.jpg (Cactus Flowers)
Thumbnailcactus single flower 2 DHD.jpg (Cactus Flowers)
[809B]cactus single flower 3 DHD.gif (Cactus Flowers)

32x32 GIF icon:

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