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Brighton and Hove City Council Elections 2007

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Brighton is a seaside town on the south coast of England. The 2007 local council elections were held by traditional paper ballot for all the 54 seats in the city's 21 council wards.

See a quick tour of the voting process, and a longer discussion of the experience.

The BBC reported the run-up on 2nd May, noting that across England about 33 million people are eligible to vote for about 10,500 council seats across 312 local authorities. You can find the results at the BBC here.

Many thanks to the Electoral Commission for their accreditation speed, and to Brighton and Hove's Returning Officer and Deputies, and all the election staff, for their help, and for agreeing to appear in some of the photographs too!

This work made the Association of Electoral Administrators news on 20070604!

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