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Brain Scan

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About This Category

Variations on a CAT scan of DHD's brain done many years ago, unfortunately not including the top slice that apparently 'proved' the skull to be empty!

If you are interested in the science of thinking, the mind, and memes, read Dr Susan Blackmore's The Meme Machine, The Cambridge Quintet by John L Casti, or Consciousness Explained by Daniel Dennett.

brain scan 150dpi rescan mono 1 DHD.jpg ... brain scan orig DHD.jpg

ThumbnailExhibit Name
Thumbnailbrain scan 150dpi rescan mono 1 DHD.jpg (Brain Scan)
[259kB]brain scan 150dpi rescan tweaked mono 1 DHD.jpg (Brain Scan)
[36kB]brain scan adj DHD.jpg (Brain Scan)

Adjusted to improve contrast:

[12kB]brain scan bg DHD.jpg (Brain Scan)

The backdrop:

[229B]brain scan icon 2 DHD.gif (Brain Scan)
[229B]brain scan icon 3 DHD.gif (Brain Scan)
[225B]brain scan icon 4 DHD.gif (Brain Scan)
[217B]brain scan icon DHD.gif (Brain Scan)

As an icon (see also the Icon Gallery):

[31kB]brain scan orig DHD.jpg (Brain Scan)

The scanned original.

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