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Art and photos/images of works of art; ornament, decor and beauty.

advent ... xmas pressies Christmas presents JT.jpg


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  • bauble = baubles, ball, globe, sphere, ornament, decoration

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  • baubles = bauble, balls, globes, spheres, ornaments, decorations

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[3MB][has location information] centaur statue flanked by glass and steel skyscrapers in front of secondary entrance exit for Canary Wharf Tube station Docklands London England DHD.jpg (Arte)

  • centaur = centaurs, centaure, Zentaur, centauro

A bit of a wet and humid day; more like September than July!

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directory christmas ... (206)

  • christmas = Christmastime, Yuletide, Christmastide, Xmas, Crimbo, Noël, Kerstmis, Weihnacht, Natal, Navidad, 圣诞, 聖誕, 圣诞节 聖誕節, 25th December, midwinter, festival, celebration, party, parties


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