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PAR - Phyllis Ryder (309)

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(c) PAR: Phyllis Ryder. Contact via Jean Ryder.

adam ... windmill tarred weatherboarded smock mill with post mill cap winded by eight vane fantail carrying four white patent sweeps in Sarre Kent England PAR.jpg


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ThumbnailExhibit Name
Thumbnail[has location information] bluebells blue and Heuchera pink aka London Pride aka Coral Flower aka coralbell aka alumroot aka Saxifragaceae in garden in London England 1 PAR.jpg (Flowers)

  • bluebells = bluebell, Hyacinthoides, Hyacinthoides non-scripta, Endymion, Scilla, wild hyacinth, wood hyacinth, harebell, klokje, wilde hyacint, jacinthe des bois, campanule, Glockenblume, Sternhyazinthe, campanula, campainha, campánula, campanilla, engelska klockhyacint, blâklocka

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ThumbnailExhibit Name
Thumbnailcat black and white sitting in top of blue plastic washing basket PAR.jpg (Natural Science)

  • cat = Felis sp, cats, chat, Katze, gato, gatto, feline, neko, 猫, 貓, moggy, moggie, pussy, pussycat

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ThumbnailExhibit Name
Thumbnail[has location information] clock wooden carved elaborate wall mounted at Bleak House where Charles Dickens stayed and worked at Broadstairs Kent England PAR.jpg (Mechanoids)

Taken August 2004.

Thumbnail[has location information] crab Rainbow Crab aka Cardisoma armatum at Kew Gardens London England PAR.jpg (Natural Science)

  • crab = crabs, 蟹

Taken 20040515.

Thumbnail[has location information] Crumbleholme builders sign on scaffolding in Weymouth Dorset England 1 PAR.jpg (Bizarre)

Looks as if it should be pronounced "Crumble-Home", which is surely as dubious as being called "Bodgit", or a firm of laywers being called "Sue, Grabbit and Runne"...


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