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JT - Jean Thornhill (103)

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(c) JT: Jean Thornhill.

arrow ... yellow flower hanging on building JT.jpg

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ThumbnailExhibit Name
Thumbnailderelict overgrown garden stinging nettles shed high brick wall JT.jpg (Textures and Surfaces)
Thumbnaildisposable cardboard paper coffee tea beverage cups stacked upside down JT.jpg (Food and Drink)

Probably in a coffee shop.

Thumbnaileggs boiled bread soldiers for dipping egg cup JT.jpg (Food and Drink)

folder england ... (24)

ThumbnailExhibit Name
Thumbnailflies on sheep dung on grass JT.jpg (Natural Science)

folder france ... (4)

ThumbnailExhibit Name
Thumbnailfrench pink lavender JT.jpg (Flowers)
Thumbnailfrost on plants JT.jpg (Leaves and Greenery)
Thumbnailfrosty woodchips JT.jpg (Natural Science)
Thumbnailfrothy coffee JT.jpg (Food and Drink)

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