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JR - Jean Ryder (3137)

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(c) JR: Jean Ryder.

abstract light JR.jpg ... zebra

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ThumbnailExhibit Name
Thumbnailabstract light JR.jpg (Light)

Taken 20030824 through wooden jetty in Finland.

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folder african ... (3)

ThumbnailExhibit Name
ThumbnailAirbus wing over sea blue sky JR.jpg (Travel and Transport)

Taken 20030823 on a Finnair aeroplane going to Finland.

Thumbnail[has location information] airplane jumbo jet to or from Heathrow overhead in blue sky at the London Wetland Centre in Barnes London England 1 JR.jpg (Travel and Transport)

  • airplane = airliner, aircraft, jet, jetplane, jumbo, jumbo jet, prop-plane, turboprop, turbofan, avion de ligne, Verkehrsflugzeug, aereo di linea, avión de línea

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ThumbnailExhibit Name
ThumbnailAmtrak train ticket Dover NH to Boston MA North Station 20030217 in business class JR.jpg (Travel and Transport)

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ThumbnailExhibit Name
Thumbnailapples kiwi fruit in brightly coloured fruitbowl JR.jpg (Food and Drink)

BTW, ignore the date-stamp as this was one of a number of trial pictures with a brand-new camera (a Samsung Digimax 101) which wasn't quite set up right!

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