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  • zimbabwe = .zw = Formerly called Rhodesia: 1965 (UDI) to 1979 (independence). See the CIA factbook entry, and the Lonely Planet guide. The official government site. As of 2006 has the dubious distinction of the shortest life-expectancy (<40 years) of anywhere on Earth. Adjective "Zimbabwian".

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    Thumbnail[has location information] Botswana Ngamiland District Maun travelling by mokoro in the Okavango Delta SMO.jpg (Earth Views)

    The Okavango Delta in Botswana is the world's largest inland delta. The Okavango River, with its source in the Angolan Highlands, flows south east into Botswana, forming the 15,000 m2 delta of limpid water, swamps, reed beds, streams, flood plains, islands and long stretches of clear water. Home to an extensive variety of fauna and flora. Basically it's where the Okavango river flows into the Kalahari desert, spreads out and dries up.

    This image is from about 20km north of Maun in NGAMILAND DISTRICT. See http://www.safari.co.za/safari-tour/map-okavango-delta-14.html.

    Thumbnail[has location information] dinosaur footprint in stone Kalkfeld Otjiwarongo Namibia SMO.jpg (Natural Science)

    SMO says:

    Roughly 20:40:12S, 16:10:11E!

    This is all the info I have:

    This site is located on the Otjihaenamaparero farm 30km from Kalkfeld, Otjiwarongo, Namibia. The existing well visible prints are of a two-legged three-toed dinosaur. Approximate age of the prints is 160 million years. The prints were left in the red Etjio sandstone at the time it was a soft clay. The prints can be traced for about 30 metres. The site was declared a national monument in 1951.

    Hope you've got a good map! If not this may help: http://www.multimap.com/wi/84086.htm

    [976kB][has location information] Namibia Grootfontein vicinity Hoba meteorite at 50 tons the biggest known in the world SMO.jpg (Earth Views)

    The largest meteorite ever found is to be found in the grounds of the ``Hoba'' farm close to Grootfontein. It weighs more than 50 tons, has a volume of 9 cubic metres and hit the ground about 80,000 years ago. The estimated age of meteorite is between 200 and 400 million years. Visitors (vandals) break off bits as souvenirs, so it's gradually shrinking.

    Thumbnail[has location information] Zimbabwe Bulawayo steam train approaching station SMO.jpg (Earth Views)

    • zimbabwe = .zw

    Thumbnail[has location information] Zimbabwe Masvingo Great Zimbabwe ruins SMO.jpg (Earth Views)

    • zimbabwe = .zw

    See Great Zimbabwe by George P. Landow.

    This complex of ruins from which the modern nation of Zimbabwe took its name is one of the country's greatest historical and cultural attractions. As Paul Tingay's helpful guide explains, Great Zimbabwe, the largest ruins in Africa, cover almost 1,800 acres.

    Sited on an open wooded plain surrounded by hills, the ruins comprise the vast Great Enclosure complex, and on a nearby kopje the Hill Complex, a veritable castle of interlocking walls and granite boulders, while all around in the valley lie a myriad other walls. The ruins feature an array of chevron, herringbone and many other intricate patterns in its walls, and the astonishing fact is that despite the dry-stone technique used in Great Zimbabwe's construction (no mortar binds the stone blocks), the complex has endured for seven centuries. [Zimbabwe, Globetrotters Travel Guide, London: New Holland Publishers, 1994, 97.]

    Thumbnail[has location information] Zimbabwe Victoria Falls the Zambezi River on Zambia border waterfall spray SMO.jpg (Earth Views)

    • zimbabwe = .zw



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