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Make a Donation to the Gallery

Keep it fast and free!


The Gallery exists by the goodwill of its contributors and maintainers; we would be most grateful if you would help keep the service up and running and free with a donation towards running costs. If you download and use an exhibit commercially, we suggest a donation of something like US$1 + US$0.05 per 1MByte of exhibit as a very rough approximation of our scanning and network costs, but anything would be gratefully received. There are several donation methods and currencies available. (GBP is UK Pounds Sterling (£), US$ is United States Dollars.) You can also help by signing up to EntroPay through the link below, giving us a small percentage each time you spend with EntroPay. Select a method and click on the appropriate icon in the right-most column to make the donation or to sign up. Thanks for thinking of us!

PayPal US$2Make a small fixed (US$2) donation via PayPal: about US$1.60+ gets to us!
PayPal US$, GBP, EURMake a donation via PayPal in US$, GBP or EUR: U$2 or more please since we get charged about 30c+2.9%.
VISA/MC/... US$, GBP, EURMake a donation via credit card in US$, GBP or EUR: U$5 or more please!
VISA/MC/... £Make a donation via credit card in GBP/£: contact me by email to discuss how, but do NOT email me your credit card details!donate

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