Package org.hd.d.pg2k.webSvr.util

Utilities to support construction of Web pages, monitor throughput, handle forms, etc.


Class Summary
Breadcrumbs Holds the data corresponding to a breadcrumbs navigation aid on a Web page.
Breadcrumbs.Breadcrumb One item in the breadcrumbs.
CDNUtils Handles interactions with CDN (Content Distribution Networks).
CDNUtils.LastCDNTest Class to indicate approximately when presence of thumbnail last tested at CDN, and whether present.
CompressionFilter Implementation of javax.servlet.Filter used to compress the ServletResponse if it is bigger than a threshold.
CompressionResponseStream Implementation of ServletOutputStream that works with CompressionServletResponseWrapper implementation.
CompressionServletResponseWrapper Implementation of HttpServletResponseWrapper that works with the CompressionServletResponseStream implementation.
ExplicitCacheTimeFilter Explicitly encourages browser to cache filtered items.
FlushableGZIPOutputStream Substitute for GZIPOutputStream that maximises compression and has a usable flush().
HTMLThumbnailInsertGenerators Utility functions to generate HTML inserts for showing batches of thumbnails/links.
JavadocBundleServlet This is the servlet that serves the content of the (latest) Gallery javadoc bundle.
LocaleBean JavaBean encapsulating notions of locale for JSP/servlet pages.
MirrorSelectionUtils.CCMBCClientEntry A simple immutable entry for _cache_cMHTBL_byClient.
PageSkinUtils A utilities class to support page skins.
PluginFilter Filter to dynamically load and wrap a pluggable filter.
SearchResultSimpleCache Bean for cached search results.
SearchResultSimpleCache.OrderedResults Auto-expiring immutable container for immutable ordered list/array of full-name results, best match first.
SearchUtils Search related utility functions.
SessionVarBean JavaBean to hold explicit session variables such as user-selected-locale.
StatsSink Web-server dynamic (authenticated) stats-collection support.
StatsSink.AbstractStatsListener Abstract/base listener object waiting for stats to arrive.
ThroughputMonitorFilterPG2K Filter to monitor throughput (output rate) to help regulate flow.
ThroughputMonitorFilterPG2K.BLRecord Immutable DNS block-list record, with a definite expiry time and the String name of the list for a bad client.
URLRewriteFilter Used to tidy URLs efficiently, and to avoid some latency-inducing redirects.
WebConsts Web-server-related constants.
WebUtils Web-server-related utility functions.
WebUtils.ServletLogger Simple class to allow logging to the given servlet's log().
WebUtils.ServletLoggerWithFallback Simple class to allow logging to a given servlet's log() or System.out if none available.
WebUtils.VoteHandler Handler for exhibit voting; holds no strong references to anything important.
XMLCompressionFilter Compresses XML by removing redundant whitespace (etc).
XMLCompressionServletResponseWrapper Allows conservative compaction of (removal of redundant characters from) an XML response.

Enum Summary
CDNUtils.CDN_ENC_TYPE Encodings of CDN URL available.
ThroughputMonitorFilterPG2K.SlowProfileLevel Level of slow-profiling and its logging; NONE if off, LOCAL if local only, GLOBAL if local and global.

Package org.hd.d.pg2k.webSvr.util Description

Utilities to support construction of Web pages, monitor throughput, handle forms, etc.

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