Package org.hd.d.pg2k.webSvr.threeD

Support for JWS (Java WebStart) 3D Gallery Walkthrough.


Interface Summary
LightweightMetaDataFetchInterface This interface is used for light-weight, incremental fetching of Gallery metadata, eg for an interactive 3D walkthrough.

Class Summary
AboutAction Represents the About Action.
DataServlet 3D Walkthrough data servlet.
ExitAction Represents the Exit Action.
JLFAbstractAction Abstract Action for the JLF.
LightweightMetaDataFetchInterface.GalleryBasicMetaData Immutable store of the most basic Gallery meta-data.
ThreeDLogic 3D Walkthrough "business-logic" holder.
ThreeDMain Main (UI) class of JWS-based 3D walkthrough.
ThreeDMain.SISListener Listener class used to veto attempts to start another app instance.
Utils 3D Walkthrough utilities.

Package org.hd.d.pg2k.webSvr.threeD Description

Support for JWS (Java WebStart) 3D Gallery Walkthrough.

This application consists of a Java3D/JAI client and lightweight servlet.

DHD Multimedia Gallery V1.60.69

Copyright (c) 1996-2012, Damon Hart-Davis. All rights reserved.