Package org.hd.d.pg2k.webSvr.exhibit

Direct support for manipulation of exhibit data, and its serving to users.


Interface Summary
ExprIF Parent of filter and sorter interfaces (for a FilterBean).
FilterIF Interface for a class to filter exhibits (for a FilterBean).
SortIF Interface for a class to sort exhibits (for a FilterBean).

Class Summary
AbstractFilterBean JavaBean that can filter/sort and cache selections of exhibits.
AbstractFilterBean.ExpiryTask Task to actively expire a filter and release its memory.
AbstractFilterBean.MyObserver This object has only a WeakReference to the outer class to allow GC.
AbstractFilterBean.WeakenerTask Task to weaken retained references to soft from strong.
BuiltInFilters Built-in filters and sorters that can be looked up by name.
BuiltInFilters.filtAll Accepts all exhibits.
BuiltInFilters.filtByAuthor Filter by author.
BuiltInFilters.filtByCategory Filter by category.
BuiltInFilters.filtByEstdLocationCentre Accepts an that has an Estd location within the target area; possibly within the specified area.
BuiltInFilters.filtNothing Rejects all exhibits.
BuiltInFilters.filtPrefixMatch Accepts an exhibit with the given case-sensitive substring starting its final (file / short-name) component.
BuiltInFilters.filtSimpleSubstringMatch Accepts an exhibit with the given case-sensitive substring in its full pathname.
BuiltInFilters.filtSimpleSuffixMatch Accepts an exhibit with the given case-sensitive substring ending its final component.
BuiltInFilters.sortByGoodness Sorts exhibits by (descending) goodness, ie best first.
BuiltInFilters.sortByName Simple sort of exhibits by name.
BuiltInFilters.sortByTimestamp Sorts exhibits by (ascending) timestamp, ie oldest first.
BuiltInFilters.sortRandomN Selects N exhibits at random and randomises their order.
BuiltInFilters.sortReverse Reverses the existing order of exhibits in situ.
DataSourceBean JavaBean encapsulating access to exhibit data and meta-data.
DataSourceBean.AEPLinkedKey Key for AEP-linked store.
DataSourceBean.BackgroundThread Operates the poll()ing/background Thread.
DataSourceBean.EDVHObservable An Observable that changes when its "currentEDVH" value changes.
DataSourceBean.EFH Emergency-free hook for when very low on memory.
DataSourceBean.KeyBase Base of (immutable) lookup key for AEP-linked and non-AEP-linked tables.
DataSourceBean.SortByEPCMRecalcUrgency Sorts first those exhibits whose EPCM recalculation/check is most urgent.
DataSourceBean.UnlinkedKey Key for non-AEP-linked store.
ExhibitServlet This is the servlet that serves exhibit data.
Expr Abstract base for an expression (for a FilterBean).
FilterBean Version of the filter/sorter (cache) JavaBean that returns selected/sorted items as a List.
FilterExpr Wraps a filter to make an expression (for a FilterBean).
ServletUtils Servlet-related utility functions.
SimpleSimilarExhibitFinder A simple fast mechanism to collect "similar" exhibits to a named one.
SortExpr Wraps a sorter to make an expression (for a FilterBean).
ThumbnailServlet This is the servlet that serves thumbnail data.
TreeFilterBean This bean is designed to be used to support browsable sets of exhibits (ordered by name) as trees.
TunnelServlet This serves data through an HTTP tunnel from master Web-app to authorised slaves, ie is an RPC end-point.

Exception Summary

Package org.hd.d.pg2k.webSvr.exhibit Description

Direct support for manipulation of exhibit data, and its serving to users.

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