Development-only test classes (primarily JUnit).


Class Summary
AddrToolsTest Tests of AddrTools, at least those not heavily dependent on connectivity...
AdTest Tests of ad code, assumed to be often dependent on the servlet environment.
AlohaEarthTest Test of various Aloha Earth components.
BackCompatTest Simple tests of backward compatibility.
BaseMockHttpServletRequest Base mock HttpServletRequest.
BaseMockHttpServletResponse Base mock HttpServletResponse.
CloudFilesTest Tests of Java Cloud Files (CDN).
ConfigFilesTest Simple tests of access/handling of local and other configuration data.
ExhibitFilterTest Test of filtering of exhibits (eg for search page).
ExhibitNameTest Tests various features of exhibit name syntax, parsing, etc.
ExhibitUploadTest Tests the exhibit upload mechanisms.
HTTPTunnelTest Test the HTTP communications tunnel.
I18NTest Test of some aspects of internationalisation (i18n) support.
IndexTest Simple tests of the by-word index, including building an index.
LocationTest Test of various aspects of Location and GeoUtils, etc.
Main This is the main entry point for development-time tests.
Main.TestThreadFactory A factory for creating daemon pool threads.
MediaHandlerTest Tests of media-generation classes, eg for making thumbnails.
MemoryToolsTest Tests of the memory tools.
MiscTest Miscellaneous tests not filed elsewhere.
MockHttpServletRequestWithParams Mock HttpServletRequest that has a set of headers.
PaginationBeanTest Tests the variants and derivatives of PaginationBeanNumeric.
ScorerTest Tests of AI-based image scoring.
SearchPageJavaBeanTest Tests ExhibitHandlerBeanBase and SearchPageJavaBean.
SerializationTest Test that critical classes can be correctly serialised and deserialised.
ServletTest Tests of servlets and code in the servlet-container context.
ServletTestsBase Base class to support servlet-dependent tests.
ServletTestsBase.DummyServlet Dummy servlet used by getDataSourceBean() and other utility methods.
SimpleCacheTest Test the ExhibitSimpleDataCache.
SimpleCacheTest.DataConcurrencyAccessMonitor Thread-safe monitor of data-read activity.
SimpleCacheTest.DummyDataSource Dummy data source.
SimpleCacheTest.RawDataAccessMonitor Thread-safe monitor of data-read activity.
SimpleCacheTest.RawDataAccessMonitor.GetRawDataEvent A "getRawData()" event.
SystemVariablesTest Test the behaviour of system variables.
SystemVariablesTest.BasicVarMgrEndpoint Simple final pipeline stage (a master endpoint) variable values.
SystemVariablesTest.EventValueRequestMonitor Observe upstream accesses to event values.
SystemVariablesTest.LocalTunnelServer Class to encapsulate "local" tunnel "server".
SystemVariablesTest.LocalTunnelSource Local tunnel client/source, for connecting to LocalTunnelServer.
SystemVariablesTest.TestVarCacheStage Simple pipeline stage that caches variable values.
TinyTest Tiny test that can be used to ensure that JUnit mechanism is behaving.
TreeFilterBeanTest Tests aspects of the the TreeFilterBean and related functionality.
TunnelTest Test the communications tunnel stand-alone (not relying on HTTP, etc).
VirtualHostTest Test of various virtual host features.
WebUtilsTest Tests of WAR utility routines, mainly from the WebUtils class.
WebUtilsTest.MockHttpServletResponseThatAcceptsStatus Mock response that accepts setting of status value.

Package Description

Development-only test classes (primarily JUnit).

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