Package org.hd.d.pg2k.svrCore

Core classes needed by the entire PG2K server, any EJBs, client applications, WAR, etc, and that do not depend on any PG2K classes ourside this svrCore.


Interface Summary
AllExhibitProperties.AEPFilter Filter class for exhibits in AEP.
ExhibitPropsComputableMutableVoteCacheIF Interface for retrieving/calculating votes and correlations.
FileTools.RandomAccessData Random-access read-only contiguous file accessor.
MemoryTools.AutoExpirable Marker interface indicating that an instance may 'auto-expire'.
MemoryTools.CacheMiniMap<K,V> Interface for minimal Map subset for caches of various flavours.
MemoryTools.Compactable Marker interface indicating that a class is suitable for compacting in memory.
MemoryTools.Internable Marker interface indicating class is suitable for deduping by intern().
MemoryTools.RecurrentEmergencyFreeHandle Interface for emergency-free handles expecting to be called zero-or-more times.
SimpleLoggerIF Simple interface for very simple logger.
TextUtils.CharSequence7Bit Extension (marker interface) for a CharSequence that holds only 7-bit character values.
TextUtils.CharSequence8Bit Extension for a CharSequence that holds only 8-bit character values.

Class Summary
AbstractSimpleLogger Base that handles all the extended functions.
AccessionData Immutable, Serializable collection of all the accession data for an exhibit.
AddrTools This class has tools for IP-address and DNS manipulation.
AddrTools.AddrPrefix Immutable store of a non-null, non-zero-length unsigned-byte IP(v4) address prefix.
AddrTools.CacheREFH Emergency-free handle for the DNS cache.
AllExhibitImmutableData Immutable set of names and ExhibitStaticAttr for all exhibits.
AllExhibitProperties Set of all exhibit names and properties.
AllExhibitProperties.ExhibitDataSource Class that provides data source to get at exhibit data semi-random access or as a sequential stream.
AllExhibitPropertiesDelta Class to compute/represent changes from one AEP instance to another.
AllExhibitPropertiesDelta.Change Data for new/changed exhibit; immutable and serialisable.
Compact7BitString Compact immutable in-memory and on-the-wire representation of a (short, potentially compressible) 7-bit ASCII String.
Compact7BitString.StaticDictionary Immutable static dictionary to improve in-memory compression.
Compact7BitString.WithDict Specialised immutable sub-class to allow use with a StaticDictionary.
Compact7BitString.WordChars Boolean true/false flags for what are considered "word" chars; initialised on first use.
CoreConsts This holds fundamental compile-time constants for all parts of PG2K.
CS8Bit Immutable lightweight and fast CharSequence holding 8-bit text only.
DefInputStream Like GZIPInputStream but no GZIP or ZLIB header or checksum.
DefOutputStream Like GZIPOutputStream but no GZIP header or checksum.
DuplicateIDChecker<K> Mechanism to check for replayed/duplicate messages by ID within a specified time window.
EPGIDiff Immutable record of the difference between two EPGI instances.
ExhibitAttrUtils Basic utilities for retrieving and handling exhibit attribute/discardable words.
ExhibitAttrUtils.ExhibitAttrWords This class contains exhibit attribute words.
ExhibitAttrUtils.ExhibitAttrWords.IndirectComparatorStub Device to allow serialisation of trivial stubs and do proper quality test.
ExhibitAttrUtils.ExhibitAttrWords.SmartOrderComp Class to implement our "smart" order Comparator.
ExhibitAttrUtils.ExhibitAttrWords.SubjOrderComp Class to implement our "subject" order Comparator.
ExhibitFile Routines to handle the filesystem representation of an exhibit.
ExhibitName Utility routines to validate/parse an exhibit name as a String/CharSequence.
ExhibitPropsComputable Immutable (and serialisable) store of all immutable computable auxiliary properties of a single exhibit.
ExhibitPropsComputableMutable Immutable (and serialisable) store of all ephemeral computable auxiliary properties of a single exhibit.
ExhibitPropsComputableMutable.Factor Single (immutable) component of multi-factor value.
ExhibitPropsComputableMutableVoteCache Class to cache vote computations and correlated values.
ExhibitPropsComputableMutableVoteCache.Accum The class in which we accumulate stats while recomputing correlations.
ExhibitPropsComputableMutableVoteCache.PeriodAndFactor Immutable records of computed Factor and the period for/in which it was computed.
ExhibitPropsGlobalImmutable This contains global immutable exhibit data over all exhibits that must live with the exhibits.
ExhibitPropsGlobalImmutable.PropertiesDiffResourceBundle Thin wrapper/holder for a local treedesc resource bundle based on PropertiesDiff.
ExhibitPropsLoadable Immutable (and serialisable) store of all loadable auxiliary properties of a single exhibit.
ExhibitStaticAttr Immutable, Serializable collection of the basic static attributes of an exhibit.
ExhibitThumbnails Immutable, Serializable thumbnails/samples of an exhibit.
ExhibitThumbnails.Thumbnail Immutable, Serializable single thumbnail (standard or small).
FileTools This class has tools for common file operations.
FileTools.RunnerThread Thread to encapsulate execution of command.
FileTools.ZE Immutable length/offset for a (32-bit) ZIP entry.
GenUtils Some general utility methods of use throughout the application.
GenUtils.AbstractRandomAccessList<T> Attach run-time RandomAccess marker to AbstractList base.
GenUtils.LengthLimitedOutputStream Prevents more than a specified number of bytes being written to the output stream.
GenUtils.RemoteFlagInfo Immutable information about each remote URI flag.
HostUtils Some simple common host-name utilities.
I18NTools Holds constants and some utility methods for internationalisation (i18n).
ImageUtils Basic image-handling utilities.
JNDIUtils This holds some JNDI utilities.
LocaleBeanBase Created by IntelliJ IDEA.
MemoryTools This contains utilities for memory intensive/sensitive operations.
MemoryTools.AutoExpirableFixedLifeBase Base class for AutoExpirable with a fixed lifetime after construction.
Name Compact immutable in-memory representation of a (usually-short, sharable-prefix/suffix) 8-bit ASCII String.
Name.AdHocPrefixCache<TerminusKey extends Number> Contains lookup cache by prefix for all Name instances.
Name.CSWrapper<T extends Name> Effectively-immutable light-weight wrapper around the underlying text.
Name.EMPTIES Used to hold values that may be needed before Name's own static initialisation can have completed.
Name.ExhibitFull ExhibitFullName holds a (ASCII-7) valid syntactically-valid full exhibit name.
Name.ExhibitShort ExhibitShortName immutable CharSequence light-weight wrapper around underlying ExhibitFull data.
Rnd Provides random number sources to be shared across the system.
ROByteArray An immutable, Serializable, wrapper for a byte array.
ROIntArray An immutable, Serializable, wrapper for an int array.
Stratum Immutable stratum and other details of this instance/server and upstream.
TextUtils Some simple common text utilities of scope throughout the application.
TextUtils.Base64Cache Private to encode8To6()/decode8To6(); automagically created on first access.
ThreadUtils Utilities to assist with threading/concurrency.
ThreadUtils.DaemonThreadFactory A factory for creating daemon pool threads.
Tuple Support for anonymous tuples such as pairs.
Tuple.ComparablePair<T1 extends Comparable<T1>,T2 extends Comparable<T2>> A simple immutable Comparable pair (though the referenced items may be mutable).
Tuple.ComparableTriple<T1 extends Comparable<T1>,T2 extends Comparable<T2>,T3 extends Comparable<T3>> A simple immutable Comparable pair (though the referenced items may be mutable).
Tuple.Pair<T1,T2> A simple immutable pair (though the referenced items may be mutable).
Tuple.Triple<T1,T2,T3> A simple immutable 3-tuple/triple (though the referenced items may be mutable).
VarTools This class has tools handling common SystemVariables.
WrappedByteArrayCharSequence Lightweight CharSequence that wraps a portion of an underlying byte array.

Enum Summary
CompressionLevel A ranked series of compression methods/levels used in PG2K.
ExhibitPropsComputableMutableVoteCache.CorrType Correlation types.

Exception Summary
AllExhibitPropertiesDelta.DiffException Minimal checked exception thrown to indicate that diff could not be generated/applied.
PGBeanException Base class of all (checked) EJB exceptions thrown by us.
PGException Base class of specialised exceptions thrown by PG2K.
PGMasterNotInServiceException Thrown to indicate that the master system is not available.

Package org.hd.d.pg2k.svrCore Description

Core classes needed by the entire PG2K server, any EJBs, client applications, WAR, etc, and that do not depend on any PG2K classes ourside this svrCore.

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