Package org.hd.d.pg2k.svrCore.datasource.simpleCache

In-pipeline (simple) cache mechanism.


Class Summary
CachedFile Object representing one (partially) cached file on disc.
ExhibitDataSimpleCache Exhibit pipeline cache stage.
MetaData Cache in-memory meta-data representation.

Package org.hd.d.pg2k.svrCore.datasource.simpleCache Description

In-pipeline (simple) cache mechanism. The role of this class is to cache data and state, and isolate downstream users from IOExceptions and other transient problems.

Where possible (eg other than fetching exhibit data not held locally) all calls terminate inside the cache stage and return based on cached data, with that cache being asynchronously updated, thus minimising the time for which a caller into the cache is blocked and the number of exceptions to be fielded.

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