Package org.hd.d.pg2k.clApp.uploader

Code for the Gallery JWS (Java Web Start) exhibit uploader.


Class Summary
AboutAction Represents the About Action.
ExitAction Represents the Exit Action.
FileTransferHandler Class to help DnD (drag-and-drop) files into the JWS uploader.
JLFAbstractAction Abstract Action for the JLF.
NormalFileContent Wrap a normal File as FileContents for non-random read-only access.
SelectAction Represents the Upload Action.
SelectedFileDetails Immutable class to hold details of one file selected.
SelectedFilesDB Database of selected files.
UploaderLogic Uploader "business-logic" holder.
UploaderLogic.UploadStatus Details of one selected file being uploaded; immutable except for progress value.
UploaderMain Main (UI) class of JWS-based exhibit uploader.
UploaderMain.MouseHandler This adapter is constructed to handle mouse-over component events.
UploaderMain.SISListener Listener class used to veto attempts to start another app instance.
UploaderProps Holder for uploader mutable persistent properties, preferences, etc.
UploadFileTableModel Table model used for JTable displays of files selected for upload.

Package org.hd.d.pg2k.clApp.uploader Description

Code for the Gallery JWS (Java Web Start) exhibit uploader.

DHD Multimedia Gallery V1.60.69

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