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Toilet Lore

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Toilet Lore: Bog Standard Info

To avoid the section description for our Toilets section getting out of hand, some of the info has migrated here...

See the encycloopedia from Adam Hart-Davis (Thunder, Flush and Thomas Crapper ISBN 1-85479-250-4) or the jakes' on you...

Contrary to popular belief, Crapper did not invent the WC.

Euphemisms (at least for the Brits) for "toilet" or "lavatory"/"lav" that Adam lists include: bog, cloakroom, close stool, closet, commode, convenience, garderobe, gents, heads, jakes, khazi, ladies, latrine, loo, necessary, netty, place of easement, powder room, privy, smallest room, thunder-box, water-closet, and WC.

And never mind the place or device, the act of using the loo has its own euphemy too; when asked to give a word of advice to newly-commissioned officers, the Duke of Wellington is supposed to have said:

"Never neglect an opportunity to pump ship!"

Here is the other WTO for your convenience; this WTO reminds us that World Toilet Day has been declared to be the 19th of November each year.

Westerners can't squat easily it seems (I certainly found it very hard to use the squat loos and retain my balance when in Japan, and had to use the Western-style loos for anything other than a pee). And from the same source, the first 33m toilet seen from space... Followed by Sheryl Crow's Injunction to only use one sheet of toilet paper each time.

Here, sadly, are three comprehensive sites: Urinal Dot Net, Toilets of The World, and The Toilet Museum.

The Aussies have a National Public Toilet Map as "a project of the National Continence Management Strategy".

At Google they do Testing on the Toilet, or at least exhort their developers to a higher testing plane while "on the can". Also, on 20070401, Google announced the TiSP BETA, which includes delivery of wireless connectivity and Google Checkout goods right up your ... ahem ... drain.

The BBC has a story about how one 'goes' in space, apparently prompted by a question on a royal tour of NASA facilities... And here's one about doing the dirty work at Glastonbury.

Joking aside, as a result of sewer systems built by the Victorians in England, the infant mortality rate decreased to about 1% over the next 100 years. In countries such as Bangladesh it is still as high as 12%.

"Contamination of drinking water is still the single biggest killer in the world and it always has been. As such, the humble lavatory is the greatest device ever invented in medical history."
says Adam Hart-Davis.

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