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Tall Ships




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(Tall Ships): full rigged ship Sorlandet Brest 2000 tall ship festival Brittany France 1 BG.jpg
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About This Category

Tall ships (ie largely wooden boats with sails and rigging!) and associated material. This collection exists largely thanks to Bruno (BG), since I remain unable to tell a sloop from a tug.

See also Recreation.

You might like to visit: Pablo Avanzini's Tall Ships Blog, Gauthier Marines of St Malo, Max's web site (professional tall ship photography), and Traditional Boats and Tall Ships magazine.

Bruno also recommends some links for people who want to go sailing:

(AKA "vieux gréements" or "grands voiliers" in French, and "tallship" or "tallships" in English.)

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Thumbnail[has location information] barque Statsraad Lehmkuhl and full rigged ship Sorlandet Brest 2000 tall ship festival Brittany France 1 BG.jpg (Tall Ships)

Ken Ness (a Brooklyn member of Statsraad Lemkuhls Venner) emailed me: ``Much enjoyed the tall ship photos, and was pleasantly surprised to see the Statsraad Lemkuhl (on which my father was a cadet in 1926). Unfortunately [they were mis-named as the Christain Radich in the Gallery]. As the photo was downloading I saw what I thought was the flag of the city of Bergen on the bowsprit, confusing me no end until I saw the name at the bow.''

Bruno made a full confession, sparing himself many years in prison: ``This is absolutely correct! Shame on me! And it is obvious as well from the side picture that the large ship is a barque and not a full rigged one and therefore must be Statsraad Lehmkuhl and not Christain Radich... I think the only way I could redeem myself would be to go sailing on Statsraad Lehmkuhl and take lots of pictures. Unfortunately, I have already booked a berth on Sorlandet for the summer so that will have to wait till 2002 :-) ''

All way over my head!


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