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England-London-High- - Londres, Londra, Londy...



From the Thames Valley University web site: "The Inns of Chancery: The Inns of Court, which have survived to today are the Middle Temple, Inner Temple, Lincoln's Inn and Gray's Inn. In addition there were a number of Inns of Chancery. These probably had the function of training and housing medieval Chancery clerks. Later they became affiliated to the Inns of Court. By the 18th century the Inns of Chancery ceased to have any educational function and had become social clubs for attorneys and solicitors. They have disappeared as institutions but their names are to be found in street names, buildings and on plaques. The Inns of Chancery included: [...] Staple Inn (this has survived physically and is situated behind the façade of 16th century shops in High Holborn; it was originally a wool warehouse - thus the name 'staple' - its crest is a sack of wool)"
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  • england = .uk, Inglaterra, Angleterre, Inghilterra, Albion, 英国, Royaume-Uni, UK, 51st State = Member of the UK (United Kingdom) and thus the EU (European Union). Adjective "English" or sometimes "British" or "Brit" or "pom" or "tommy" or "limey".
  • england london = Londres, Londra, Londyn, 伦敦, 倫敦, Londinium = Administrative and legislative and commercial capital of England and the UK. London has many famous landmarks and much history and influence. One of the world's financial centres originally in the City of London ("The Square Mile") and now also Docklands to the east. Founded as Londinium by the Romans in around 50AD, but the name is thought to be pre-Roman. Visit the UK Parliament, or 10 Downing Street, or the Mayor's site for goverment; or maybe the Science Museum, the Museum of London and the London Eye for illumination. The locals are sometimes known as "Londoners".

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