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(Earth Views): South Africa Western Cape Cango Caves complete pillar of stalactite and stalagmite closeup 1 DHD.jpg
D= [Mar 9, 2005]; S=2MB, 2592x1944; T=JPEG image [MIME:image/jpeg];
Aloha Earth! Aloha Earth! GeoURL L=Estd:g:20.0E,32.5S{+/-2.5,1.5}.

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  • south africa = .za, RSA, Republic of South Africa, Südafrika, África del Sur, Afrique du Sud, 南非 = Southernmost African country. See the official government site. See ZA Pix for selected images of South Africa. See The Balancing Act for telecoms and Internet news from Africa. Adjective "South African".
  • south africa western cape = Wes-Kaap, Intshona Koloni = Province in south-west of SA, with capital Cape Town. Before the 1910 Union of South Africa this was the Cape Colony, and subsequently the Western Cape was part of what was then Cape Province. Similar in land area to England. The 2001 census recorded ~4,500,000 people in 1,200,000 households.
  • south africa western cape cango caves = Amazing caverns, nicely presented and lit, with good easy tours. Close to the Garden Route. There are some more "adventurous" tours, but if the management advises you not to do one please don't be over-confident!

  • closeup = close-up/macro; tightly framed and imaged at a relatively large scale

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[2MB][has location information] South Africa Western Cape Cango Caves stalactite stalagmite veined textured rocks elaborate lighting 1 DHD.jpg (Earth Views)

  • south africa = .za, RSA, Republic of South Africa, Südafrika, África del Sur, Afrique du Sud, 南非
  • south africa western cape = Wes-Kaap, Intshona Koloni

Thumbnailsparrows getting the crumbs in the restaurant at Cango Caves Western Cape South Africa 1 DHD.jpg (Natural Science)

  • sparrows = sparrow, Passeridae, Emberizidae


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