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(Lugares y Vistas de la Tierra): US NY NYC World Trade Center attack sequence 2 12 seen from street level close up both towers on fire bright sunshine people watching police car World Financial Center building to left ANON.jpg
D= [20-sep-2001]; S=123kB, 485x647; T=JPEG image [MIME:image/jpeg];
Aloha Earth! Aloha Earth! GeoURL L=Estd:g:74.0W,40.75N{+/-0.25,0.25}.

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  • us = .us, USA, America, Amerika, América, The United States of America, The States, Uncle Sam, EEUU, Estados Unidos, États-Unis, Vereinigte Staaten, 美国 = The United States of America, North American continental US; cf Hawaii for example. Permanent member of the UN (United Nations) Security Council. Visit The Whitehouse. Adjective "American" or "US".
  • us ny = New York (State)
  • us ny nyc = New York City, Manhattan, Mannahatta = One of the world's financial centres, being the headquarters of global investment banks such as Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley.

    See some lovely panoramic views. See the Mannahatta Project, and how what we now call Manhattan was before Henry Hudson arrived in 1609.

  • us ny nyc world trade center = WTC = Site of infamous 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers with passenger jets.

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Una sección de lugares y vistas de alrededor del mundo, clasificados por ubicación, e incluyendo maravillas naturales y artificiales. Esto puede ayudarle a tener una idea de cómo alguna partes del mundo son. Ver también Aloha Earth para acercarse o alejarse en el mapa de la tierra para localizar exhibiciones.


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