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At Morro Branco.
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(Earth Views): Brazil Ceara region stream in red sand rough shelters Atlantic in background tweaked 2 JBG.jpg
D= [Oct 30, 1999]; S=43kB, 885x601; T=JPEG image [MIME:image/jpeg];
Aloha Earth! Aloha Earth! GeoURL L=Estd:g:39.0W,5.0S{+/-1.5,2.3}.

Rating: 51/100.

Key: D= file date of exhibit; S= size in bytes, XxY pixels, etc; T= type of exhibit; L= location/time or viewpoint of exhibit (if known).

  • brazil = .br, Brasil, Brasilien, Brésil, Brasile, 巴西 = Adjective "Brazilian".

  • tweaked = adjusted/improved in small way such as contrast/sharpness

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Brazil ~ tweaked 2 JBG.jpg

About This Category

Places and sights from around the Earth, catalogued by location, including views and scenery natural and artificial, rural and urban, ugly and beautiful.

This gives a feel of what particular parts of the world are like.

See also Aloha Earth to zoom in on on a map of the Earth to locate exhibits, and our travel section.

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[35kB][has location information] Brazil Ceara region stream in red sand rough shelters Atlantic in background 2 JBG.jpg (Earth Views)

  • brazil = .br, Brasil, Brasilien, Brésil, Brasile, 巴西


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