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(Natural Science): bee bumblebee bumble bee pollinating pollination of lavender purple flowers from bush flowering in July in London England closeup 10 DHD.jpg
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  • bee = bees, 蜂, bij, bi, ape, Biene, abeja, Apidae, Hymenoptera, insect = Bees (family Apidae) are classified along with sawflies, wasps and ants in the order Hymenoptera. Bees can be social or solitary.
  • bee bumblebee = bumblebees, Bombus spp, 熊蜂, bombo, bourdon, hommel, abejorro = So-called because of the way they seem to bumble aimlessly from flower to flower. Bumblebees are found mainly in northern temperate regions. Hairy, underground nesting, social bees. European bumblebees rarely sting, though many of them can, and their sting is not barbed so they can sting more than once. See the Bumblebee Conservation Trust and The Bumblebee Pages for more!

  • closeup = close-up/macro; tightly framed and imaged at a relatively large scale

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This collection is of free images/photos/pictures, sounds, videos, etc from science, technology and nature, including birds, animals and plants, and some from the fields of chemistry, physics and biology. Some exhibits that could be in here may be found in collections with a more specific remit, such as "Flowers" and "Leaves and Greenery".

This is intended to serve, in part, as a teachers' and students' resource.

See also New Scientist for the latest news, The Register's science and tech stories, the EurekAlert!/AAAS Multimedia Gallery, and BioImages - Virtual Field-Guide (UK) for scholarly info.

Also, for attempts to catalogue all known species, see: the Encyclopedia of Life, and Barcode of Life.

If you're a journo or other non-scientist and need help with a science fact or story, please consider talking to Sense About Science to help you.


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