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$$$ Money $$$




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($$$ Money $$$): Japan Japanese Yen JPY 1000 bank notes with kanji and the words Nippon Ginko worn front and back ANON.jpg
D= [Mar 12, 2001]; S=325kB, 938x834; T=JPEG image [MIME:image/jpeg];
Aloha Earth! Aloha Earth! GeoURL L=Estd:g:137.0E,38.0N{+/-9.0,8.0}.

Rating: 55/100.

Key: D= file date of exhibit; S= size in bytes, XxY pixels, etc; T= type of exhibit; L= location/time or viewpoint of exhibit (if known).

  • back = back/reverse/obverse/rear/heads of an object such as a ticket or coin
  • front = face/heads of an object such as a ticket or coin

About This Category

A study of money including the beautiful artwork in banknotes and coins and other (legal) tender. Numismatic: coins, currency, cash, wonga, dosh, the readies, currency, funds, savings, finance, dough!

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