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low-energy-LED-3W-250lm- 2



Clas Ohlson stock number 36-4641; good upgrade from Philips 2W 'AccentWhite' candle bulb with plenty of light to read by and a good colour. Claims 2700K/15000h.
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(Mechanoids): low energy LED 3W 250lm warm white bedside light golfball B22 bayonet fitting 240V mains north light brand 2 DHD.jpg
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Facets of mechanical devices and automation; machines of all sorts (though mainly man-made) including robots and computers.

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  • low energy = low power, high-efficiency, efficient, "green"
  • low energy led = LEDs, Light Emitting Diode, Solid-State Lighting, SSL, LED light bulb, LED-leuchtmittel, LED-lampen, ampoule à LED, bombilla LED

Bought from Clas Ohlson SKU 18-2313 for ~GBP8 2011/12/08 to test as replacement for 15W incandescent nightlight. Says on packaging "Designed & Manufactured by V-LIGHT LED LIGHTING". Claims 15,000h life, 2700K colour.

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