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(Mechanoids): turbine MotorWind multirotor multigang HAWT arrival assembly and erection 5 DHD.jpg
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  • turbine = fan, rotary engine, generator, motor, turbina, turbin, 透平機, 透平机, 渦輪, 涡轮

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Facets of mechanical devices and automation; machines of all sorts (though mainly man-made) including robots and computers.

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  • turbine = fan, rotary engine, generator, motor, turbina, turbin, 透平機, 透平机, 渦輪, 涡轮

One bolt undid itself in the vibration of the high wind gusts and the main bar fell into the flowerbed with no damage at all, amazingly.

Thumbnailturbine MotorWind multirotor multigang HAWT 65 rotor PopOutdoor billboard installation in parking lot carpark of Bryanston Shopping Centre Johannesburg South Africa 1 ANON.jpg (Mechanoids)


Picture c/o James C. Lech of PHIECO (PTY) LTD.


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