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turbine-wind-small- 5 - windmill, HAWT, VAWT,...


The edge-on plank bears the weight on the end of the spindle (with a slot cut-out for the wires) with a pair of metal angle brackets gripping the shaft on the flat and the reverse to stop it twisting: the entire 7kg body above twists relative to the spindle. The PM gen is a brute, nominally capable of 1kW at 48V, though I want only ~10W at 120rpm which looks possible.
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(Mechanoids): turbine wind small VAWT Benesh squared off prototype made from large cardboard box on real Permanent Magnet PM generator 5 DHD.jpg
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  • turbine = fan, rotary engine, generator, motor, turbina, turbin, 透平機, 透平机, 渦輪, 涡轮
  • turbine wind = windmill, HAWT, VAWT, wind generator = Machine for converting kinetic energy in wind (airflow) into mechanical or electrical energy.

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