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Partes Mecánicas

Sun-server-SMC-Sun-Microsystems-SunBlade- 11



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(Partes Mecánicas): Sun server SMC Sun Microsystems SunBlade 2000 glowing badge being installed with Solaris 10 configured on rack open metal racking shelving with old terminal tty below various messages on screen nightshot 11 DHD.jpg
D= [18-nov-2005]; S=3MB, 3264x2448; T=JPEG image [MIME:image/jpeg].

Rating: 48/100.

Llave: D= fecha del fichero del objeto; S= dimensión en byte, XxY pixeles, etc; T= tipo del objeto.

  • nightshot = taken in low/IR light, often grainy, mono, long exposure

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  • Sun ~ nightshot 7 DHD.jpgSun ~ nightshot 7 DHD.jpg
  • Sun ~ nightshot 8 DHD.jpgSun ~ nightshot 8 DHD.jpg
  • Sun ~ nightshot 9 DHD.jpgSun ~ nightshot 9 DHD.jpg
  • Sun ~ nightshot 10 DHD.jpgSun ~ nightshot 10 DHD.jpg
  • Sun ~ nightshot 11 DHD.jpgSun ~ nightshot 11 DHD.jpg
  • Sun ~ nightshot 12 DHD.jpgSun ~ nightshot 12 DHD.jpg

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Facets of mechanical devices and automation; machines of all sorts (though mainly man-made) including robots and computers.

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