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(Math): compass rose in copper over green water created with POVray by BG.jpg
D= [May 16, 1999]; S=198kB, 1125x900; T=JPEG image [MIME:image/jpeg].

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compass ~ by BG.gif
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About This Category

Mathematics, probability, knots, topology and related puzzles and science. See also the science section.

Variants Of This Exhibit

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[316kB]compass rose in copper over green water created with POVray by BG.gif (Math)

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[28kB]sundial compass 19th century ivory made by Thomas Staight of London dated 1849 to the rear but the inscription is in French back 1 AL.jpg (Math)

It should have a glass dome over the sundial to the centre and be in a box. A very intricately-made piece of our heritage.

[364kB]play amateur theatre production of Forty Second 42nd Street at Compass Theatre in Ickenham London by the Harlequin Theatre Company map tickets leaflet DHD.jpg (Recreation and Sport)


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