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light-bulb-glowing-filament-2- - incandescent...



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(Light): light bulb glowing filament 2 32x32 icon AHD.gif
D= [Jun 4, 1998]; S=171B, 32x32; T=GIF image [MIME:image/gif].

Rating: 50/100.

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  • light = luz, lumière, Licht, luce
  • light bulb = lightbulb, Glühbirne, Glühlampe, lampadina
  • light bulb glowing filament = incandescent, incandescente, glühend = Invented circa 1802, the incandescent light (bulb) or filament lamp is now rather out of favour for general lighting applications because of its low efficiency in converting electricity into light, typically 10% or less in terms of energy and lumens/Watt (lm/W); a CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) or LED (light emitting diode) is usually at least 4 or 5 times as efficient circa 2009.

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