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low-energy-LED-strip- 17 - LEDs, Light Emitti...


~0.5W per strip, 12V DC via mains adaptor, pluggable together in useful ways, Maplin A07JT and A08JT extension kits.
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(Light): low energy LED strip lighting cool white decorative for under cupboard lighting 17 DHD.jpg
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  • low energy = low power, high-efficiency, efficient, "green" = Typically LED or CFL, such "low-energy" lighting is many times more efficient (in terms of light output power for given input electrical power) than "standard" incandescent tungsten-filament bulbs, which of necessity must get very hot and generate a lot of heat.
  • low energy led = LEDs, Light Emitting Diode, Solid-State Lighting, SSL, LED light bulb, LED-leuchtmittel, LED-lampen, ampoule à LED, bombilla LED = See also LEDs. A physically tough/robust solid-state semiconductor light-generation mechanism with efficiencies in lumens per Watt (lm/W) and useful lifetime significantly exceeding that of CFL (compact fluorescent), available retail for domestic use in a number of roles/settings.

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  • low energy = low power, high-efficiency, efficient, "green"
  • low energy led = LEDs, Light Emitting Diode, Solid-State Lighting, SSL, LED light bulb, LED-leuchtmittel, LED-lampen, ampoule à LED, bombilla LED

LED lamp sourced from ultraleds.co.uk part number ES5X1CW. This seems to be the yellow-phosphor-over-blue-LED style of construction and gives a very bluish cold and 'ghostly'/icy light from very tight point sources. Not very comfortable, to we're going to try to get used to it. These photos don't give a sense of how cold the light colour is. The light output is however very good for a bulb with less than half the energy input of the adjacent CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) bulbs.

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Unlike other solar lights these have lasted probably 3 years so far and we leave them up all the time for decoration in the bush at the front of the house.


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