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Energy Matters

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Can help energy efficiency by better regulating the temperature in individual rooms.
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(Energy Matters): thermostatic radiator valve TRV from Wickes DIY store shop with tape measure for scale closeup 1 DHD.jpg
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  • thermostatic radiator valve = valves, TRV, thermostat, regulator = Device to automatically help keep more steady the temperature of a radiator-heated room for improved comfort and for energy savings from improved heating efficiency; in particular just turn down the temperature for rooms you are not in and you won't waste energy from your central heating keeping them warm!

  • closeup = close-up/macro; tightly framed and imaged at a relatively large scale

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Energy, efficiency, conservation, renewables and related topics.

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  • thermostatic radiator valve = valves, TRV, thermostat, regulator
  • thermostatic radiator valve programmable = PRC, Programmable Radiator Control, PTRV, eTRV, electronic

This is one element of a 'smart heating' approach.


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