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(Electronics): PICAXE microcontroller breadboarded prototype flashing 7 LED desk ornament closeup 1 DHD.jpg
D= [Mar 24, 2013]; S=4MB, 4000x3000; T=JPEG image [MIME:image/jpeg].

Rating: 54/100.

Key: D= file date of exhibit; S= size in bytes, XxY pixels, etc; T= type of exhibit; L= location/time or viewpoint of exhibit (if known).

  • closeup = close-up/macro; tightly framed and imaged at a relatively large scale

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  • PICAXE ~ closeup 1 DHD.jpgPICAXE ~ closeup 1 DHD.jpg
  • PICAXE ~ closeup 2 DHD.jpgPICAXE ~ closeup 2 DHD.jpg
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PICAXE ~ closeup 3 DHD.mov
  • PICAXE ~ closeup 4 DHD.jpgPICAXE ~ closeup 4 DHD.jpg
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PICAXE ~ closeup 5 DHD.mov
  • PICAXE ~ closeup 6 DHD.jpgPICAXE ~ closeup 6 DHD.jpg
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PICAXE ~ closeup 7 DHD.mov

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Electronic components and circuitry, a long-time interest/hobby/job for DHD...

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