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Demolition and Construction




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(Demolition and Construction): aerogel dry lining interior wall insulation SpaceTherm P 40mm insulant faced with 9mm5 plasterboard 1 DHD.jpg
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About This Category

The art of building edifices and destroying them... This includes DIY, building work, repair/refurbishment, accidents, such as energy-efficiency retrofits of existing housing stock, including DIY and larger tasks.

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Thumbnail[has location information] superinsulating a living room with aerogel drylining dry lining and ceiling glass wool and rigid insulating board for timber framed house in Kingston London England 201 DHD.jpg (Demolition and Construction)

  • superinsulating = superinsulation, superinsulated, over-insulating, over-insulation, over-insulated

Plastering day... Striping some old wallpaper from behind a (removed) radiator, lifting sockets and switched from the wall, replacing the plasterboard where the new radiator will go, putting up the nylon scrim tape...

Thumbnail[has location information] superinsulating bedrooms with aerogel drylining dry lining with rigid insulating board for timber framed house in Kingston London England 104 DHD.jpg (Demolition and Construction)


The aerogel blanket on these MagnaLine boards is a blue-ish grey, rather than the white on the previous Spacetherm. The builders report this easier to drill and cut, snagging less. These have 30mm of aerogel behind 9mm magnesium board.


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