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Baby and Toddler

walking-toddling-with- - toddling, toddler, walk



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(Baby and Toddler): walking toddling with the aid of her new toddle truck 12 month old girl closeup 1 DHD.jpg
D= [Dec 18, 2006]; S=3MB, 3072x2304; T=JPEG image [MIME:image/jpeg].

Rating: 53/100.

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  • closeup = close-up/macro; tightly framed and imaged at a relatively large scale

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  • walking ~ closeup 1 DHD.jpgwalking ~ closeup 1 DHD.jpg
  • walking ~ closeup 2 DHD.jpgwalking ~ closeup 2 DHD.jpg
  • walking ~ closeup 3 DHD.jpgwalking ~ closeup 3 DHD.jpg
  • walking ~ closeup 4 DHD.jpgwalking ~ closeup 4 DHD.jpg
  • walking ~ closeup 5 DHD.jpgwalking ~ closeup 5 DHD.jpg
  • walking ~ closeup 6 DHD.jpgwalking ~ closeup 6 DHD.jpg
  • walking ~ closeup 7 DHD.jpgwalking ~ closeup 7 DHD.jpg
  • walking ~ closeup 8 DHD.jpgwalking ~ closeup 8 DHD.jpg

About This Category

Babies, "toddlers", infants and other very young children and related exhibits. See Eloise's weaning diary, plus notes on breastfeeding, teething, etc! Also see People and specific topics such as foetal sonograms (ultrasound scans) and pregnant woman. To get free baby equipment that other people have finished with, visit freegle or freecycle.org. A real big thank you to those who allowed their images to be made available! See the UK government "Directgov" information for parents. For the US, try TheBabyCorner.

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