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Hi: Welcome to the Gallery!

FREE for your Website, PC and Projects!


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Categories | $$$ Money $$$ (668) | Art (638) | Baby and Toddler (1392) | Bizarre (324) | Brain Scan (9) | Brighton and Hove City Council Elections 2007 (350) | Buildings and Human Constructions (440) | Cactus Flowers (6) | Calibration (61) | Clothing and Clothes (308) | Code (22) | Demolition and Construction (1691) | Earth Views (13636) | Electronics (286) | Energy Matters (625) | Flowers (837) | Food and Drink (1368) | Hot-off-the-Spool (31) | Leaves and Greenery (724) | Light (663) | London Olympic and Paralympic Games 2012 (756) | Math (83) | Mechanoids (2225) | Medicine (654) | Memes (98) | Montage and Collage (21) | Music (86) | Natural Science (3896) | Office Motes (225) | Pasta Psycho (20) | People (1324) | Recreation and Sport (983) | Tall Ships (347) | Textures and Surfaces (482) | Toilets (156) | Travel and Transport (1323) | Web Site Design (3) |
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Hello and welcome to my multimedia gallery/library based in London, England, with 36,761 exhibits from 10K carbon resistor strips to Zimbabwe Victoria Falls the Zambezi River on Zambia border waterfall spray!

The Gallery is a collection of original stock photography, clip-art, sounds and video clips, for use in Web design, your PC's screen wallpaper, etc. Gallery content has been used on many Web sites, but also on book covers, TV caption cards, music videos, and in newspapers, leaflets and school projects to list but a few! Download for your free personal and commercial use, though please read the terms and conditions.

Your DHD Multimedia Gallery ... means a lot to a small publishing house like ours: JCE, UK


There are two main reasons for exhibits appearing in this gallery; either as a matter of record (if you want a picture of the Pyramids, you'll find one, though I don't promise you the most beautiful one ever taken!), or because they are appealing (eg a pretty or interesting picture, in someone's eyes).

If you find mistakes in the names or other details of items in the Gallery, please let me know; I aim to be accurate!


You might also like to visit the following sites or organisations: the beautifully-formed Alan Shaw Photography site by my good friend whose name I leave for you to guess, Cepolina Photo, BlueVertigo, PowerBacks for (free) PowerPointtm backgrounds/templates/etc, Photos For Free, Aah! London! which shows a random selection of images from London (England), the much-better-than-it-sounds morgueFile of free images, the UK-based FreeImages.co.uk, the Community-Indexed Photo Archive of free public-domain images, The Free Site for all the free resources the Web has to offer, ActiveFreeStuff, CoolText for making logos, and ZettWeb's Grab-A-Picture. Also see Free UK Stuff, image*after a collection of images free for commercial and personal use, FreeFoto's very good free photographs for private non-commercial use.

Visit Publisher-World for professional discussions of Web publishing and money-making/monetising, with lashings of humour!

The Gallery code itself is also available, which you may find useful as a source of code snippets; see the javadoc which links to annotated source too. Here you will find solutions to common problems such as concurrency control, building image thumbnails, etc, etc, etc!

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